Building Professionals Group understands that there will be a great deal of hurdles for our upcoming generations in meeting their goals and dreams. We seek to eliminate these barriers by helping:

1. Our youth to realize the importance of education and the impact that it can have on their life.

2. To locate beneficial resources (e.g. locating scholarships, mentors, etc.)

These hurdles can cause our youth to lose an interest in receiving the education that they need to move forward in their lives. Often times, they give up and drop out of school.

Building Professionals Group (BPG) creates ways to eliminate these hurdles by providing:

  1. Professionals who understand what our youth are going through.

  2. The tools needed to complete their education.

  3. Knowledge to make wise choices not based on their feelings but on solid outcomes.

The Mission of Building Professionals Group

BPG's mission is to increase civic engagement, gang resistance and social capital in youth through positive peer relationships and adult mentoring programs.